Are attachments allowed with the application?

Please only provide the attachments we request on the application.

What are the most common mistakes when submitting applications?

  • Not supplying the required up-to-date attachments.
  • Not using the most recent version of the W-9.
  • Submitting incorrect information on the project budget or a budget that does not match the information in the application.

We are a small organization using a fiscal agent.  What do we need to be aware of when partnering with them?

We consider your fiscal agent to be the applicant organization. We need to have all of the required documents such as the organization budget, audited financials, board roster, W9 and IRS 990 from the fiscal agent organization.

How do I get all the financial statements you need?

Please consult with your bookkeeper or accounting firm to obtain clear, accurate financial information. Grants without complete, current financial statements are not considered. Copies of bank statements are not considered financials.

Is there an average, maximum or minimum amount we can or should apply for?

Our grant awards can range from $1 up to $30,000 in a 12 month period.  An organization can only have one grant open at any given point in time.

What is a Rapid Response Grant?

  • A Rapid Response Grant is meant for small needs that surface throughout the year. There is no deadline to apply however, you may only receive one Rapid Response grant in a 12 month period.  These grants can range from $1-$1500 and are subject to the same standards and guidelines as the full grants.
  • The Rapid Response Grant is not meant to be an event sponsorship or an annual supplement to your budget.
  • To apply for a Rapid Response Grant, please send a letter or email detailing the need. Include when the funding is needed, who it will benefit, and the circumstances behind the need. You will also need to include a W9.

Can I have a Rapid Response Grant and a Regular Grant?

Yes, an organization can receive one Rapid Response Grant and one regular grant in a 12 month period.  However, the RRG is not intended to supplement a regular grant request.

When can we re-apply if our grant request is declined?

If you apply for a grant and are not selected, you are eligible to reapply at the next grant deadline.  You are eligible to apply for a grant as long as you do not have an active grant.

When can we re-apply after receiving a grant?

You are eligible to apply for a grant only after closing your active grant.  This is done by submitting a thorough Final Report or returning the funds.  Customarily, only one grant will be awarded in a rolling year.

If your application is rejected because it is incomplete or if your application is denied, you are eligible to reapply the following quarter.

Can you just renew our funding?

The Wildhorse Foundation does not automatically fund or renew grants. All grants must submit a full grant application. Previous funding does not guarantee future funding.

My application is almost ready, can I get some more time?

We have regular funding deadlines and do not provide extensions. If we receive an incomplete submission, we will ask you to complete your application for consideration in the next round.

Can I attach information regarding my organization and purpose to the application instead of filling it out?

The application form provided on this website MUST be used and completed in its entirety to be considered for a grant award. Any applications received that indicate “see attached” in any section will be returned as an ineligible application.

We have grant applications to other foundations. Can we just send you a copy of these so we don’t have to prepare a new application?

Grant applications must be submitted on the Wildhorse Foundation Application Form and narratives must be within the guidelines and requirements of the Wildhorse Foundation. Applications that do not meet these requirements will be considered ineligible and will not be considered for grant funding.

If I receive a grant award, what are the reporting requirements?

If you receive a grant from the Wildhorse Foundation you agree to:

  • Utilize the funds as they are awarded.
  • Complete and submit the Final Report after the project is over. This date is set from the dates you provide on your application and must occur no later than one year after receipt of the funds.
  • Publicize the award in the media and provide documentation with the Final Report.

Does the Foundation need to review our press releases about the grant?

Yes.  We do not want to interfere with your publicizing of the grant, but we do want to make sure that all information provided about the Wildhorse Foundation and our grant making process is accurate. We can also assist with electronic distribution.

Can you fund projects in other counties?

The counties we fund are mandated by the Tribes’ gaming compact with the State of Oregon and are not negotiable.

If your organization’s headquarters are located outside of these areas but the services performed will be in the service area AND serve citizens of those counties, your organization may be eligible to apply for funding.

If your project will serve multiple counties (inside and outside of our service area), focus your grant application only on the counties in our service area. Our funds cannot be used to help supplement projects outside of our service area.

You can view our coverage map here.

Why do you only fund in specified counties and categories?

The Tribes’ compact with the State of Oregon that regulates the operation of Wildhorse Resort & Casino designates the counties and categories that we fund. A portion of the compact regulates the creation and operation of Wildhorse Foundation.

How often does the Board of Directors meet?

The Board of Directors meet to review grant applications 4 times a year. These meetings are not open to the public and meeting times are not released.